Hours Per Pay Period

Department: Nursing Dept.-Hospital


  • Graduated from an accredited school of nursing and compliance with the Nurse Practice Act of the state of Illinois regarding professional nursing.
  • Current license with the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation.
  • Current CPR certification. ACLS encouraged.

1.Assesses the number and level of personnel needed to provide quality patient care and collaborate with the supervisor/charge nurse in adjusting staffing and assignments. 2.Assesses the delivery of nursing care and identifies problems and any need for improvement. 3.Assesses the health status of assigned patient as outlined in the nursing standards. 4.Completes a comprehensive patient history and physical by means of patient interview, psychological, and physical assessment as well as the patient’s perception of illness. 5.Collects data from the patient, family and significant others as well as health care providers and/or agencies in the community. Collects data by interview, observation, inspections, auscultation, palpation and reports and records. 6.Assess reports and records and interprets effectively and accurately initial assessment and clinical changes in patient condition. 7.Recognizes and assesses initial alterations in patient body system, initiates appropriate changes in patient plan of care, and repots in a timely and appropriate manner. 8.Responsible for recognizing and reporting accurate arrhythmia interpretation. Assess changes in cardiac monitor pattern and correlate changes with clinical findings and initiate necessary changes in plan of care and report and record appropriately in a timely manner. 9.Communicate assessment data in an orderly fashion by reporting, recording and verbalizing pertinent information among members of the health care team. 10.Formulates and chooses a plan of care for all assigned patients and directs and supervises others in the planning of patient care. Revises and updates plan of care per nursing policy and procedure. 11.Participates in implementing planned changes and activities to improve nursing service and care in collaboration with supervisor. 12.Infection Control and Safety policies and procedures are implemented per hospital policy and procedure. 13.Standard precautions are followed in delivering patient care. 14.Responds immediately to Code Blue, Code Purple and Code 88 and effectively takes charge initiating necessary treatment until Nurse Manager and/or Physician arrives. 15.Responsible for and knowledgeable of location, care and operation of emergency equipment to include but not limited to: Monitors, Defibrillators, Ventilators, Crash Cart and contents and special procedure trays. 16.Maintains a calm reassuring atmosphere and communicate effectively with patient/family to reduce stress. 17.RN acts as resource to other staff in identification of needs and planning of care to meet patients/family’s psychosocial needs. 18.Responds to patient needs by providing physical and emotional privacy, provide information to patient and family on plan of care, allowing patient and family to verbalize their concerns with registered nurse, 19.Identifies and reports emotional/mental status of patient that may interfere with his recovery or poses a safety hazard to patient, staff and hospital. Records these observations in medical record and on patient care plan. Initiates care to prevent that safety hazard. Alerts staff to problem and plan and notify physician of observations. Contact other departments when appropriate, Social Services to meet patient emotional need. 20.Identifies spiritual needs of patient/family and notify appropriate person. 21.Explains tests and procedures to patient/family. Assess and validates patient understanding of tests/procedures. 22.Utilize structured patient educational materials with patient/family, instructions based on identified learning needs. Develop plan to meet these needs. 23.Organizes work load and sets priorities for patient care taking into consideration patient acuity and skill level of staff. 24.Evaluates care given by team and redirects assignment to meet needs of patients. 25.Activities of patients are assessed per shift and updated as appropriate. 26.Identifies unsafe performance and intervenes as appropriate. 27.Provides constructive feedback about performance to other health team members. 28.Immediately counsels’ individuals when safe practices are not followed and follows through with documentation of same. 29.Initiates and monitors IV infusions and blood transfusions according to physician orders and hospital policy and procedure. 30.Administers prescribed medications according to physician orders and hospital policy and procedure. Accurate documentation and patient are observed for any untoward signs and symptoms and these are reported appropriately. 31.Accurately records patient condition and treatment in patient’s medical record following proper format. 32.Observes, provides or assists with diagnostic and therapeutic patient care by preparing the patient and equipment for treatments and exams and assuring the cleaning of equipment and restocking of supplies as applicable. 33.Reports unsafe conditions to proper person or department. 34.Maintains a clean and safe environment for patient, family, and staff. 35.Follows correct isolation techniques and identifies and reports any break in technique and takes appropriate action. 36.Performs a complete child/adolescent/adult/geriatric physical assessment on patients. 37.Administers child/adolescent/adult/geriatric medications and IV therapy accurately and in a timely manner. 38.Maintains child/adolescent /adult/geriatric patient safety including appropriate use of equipment. 39.Responsible for giving patient completed written discharge instructions per hospital policy and procedure including follow-up appointments. 40.Follows transfer procedures as outlined in policy and procedure. 41.Nursing prescriptions are formulated as outlined in the nursing standards that delineate actions to be taken. Prescribed actions; a.are specific to the patient’s problems and desired outcomes. b.are based on scientific knowledge. c.incorporate principles of patient teaching. d.include human, material and community resources. e.are specific to patient age, developmental abilities, cognitive abilities and cultural needs. 42.Actions delineated in the nursing prescriptions are implemented and that actions implemented: a.are flexible, based on patient age, developmental abilities and are individualized for each patient. b.provide patient privacy and dignity. c.incorporate principles of safety. d.incorporate principles of infection control.

Position Posted On: 10/28/2020

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Hamilton Memorial Hospital
c/o Human Resources
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Or, Fax your application to: 618-643-2875

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