80 Hours Per Pay Period

Department: Clinic


  • The Clinic Nurse provides direct nursing care to patients from newborn through geriatric under the supervision of the physician. Administers medication, screening tests, handles laboratory duties including collecting blood and urine specimens for testing on site. Assists in maintaining supplies, handling quality assessment duties and providing office coverage support. Works closely with the clinic physician and receptionist/biller along with all hospital department employees. Assists Clinic Director on projects and as needed.
  • Education: Graduated from an accredited school of nursing and compliance with the Nurse Practice Act of the State of Illinois regarding professional nursing.
  • 2. License or Certificate Required: Current license with the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. CPR certification
  • 3. Job Knowledge:
  • • Must have good public relation skills and interact with people well.
  • • Must have medical terminology.
  • • Must have good telephone etiquette.
  • • Must have the ability to promote effective written/verbal communication.
  • • Must maintain patient confidentiality and information per policy and procedures.
  • • Must be dependable, trustworthy and flexible.
  • • Must have the ability to fulfill additional performance responsibilities as assigned and necessary in a timely manner.
  • • Consistently organizes and executes daily tasks in proper priority.

Position Responsibilities: 1. Performs nursing duties at the clinic, which includes escorting patients to exam rooms; obtaining accurate vital signs, medical history, and patient’s chief complaint and documenting in medical record; assessing condition for triage, assisting physician in examination and treatment of patient, providing discharge instructions. 2. Administers screening tests in accordance to established procedures (vision, EKG’s, etc.) 3. Administer approved medications and vaccines as directed by the physician in accordance with good nursing practice. 4. Performs phlebotomy duties (drawing blood, collecting urine samples, etc.). 5. Communicates necessary information to patients, referral physicians and others both in person and by phone. 6. Participates in maintenance of complete, confidential records on all patients and accurately handles documentation charting. 7. Operates and maintains all equipment according to specifications and with necessary controls. 8. Must have good computer skills and know the system in order to help assist patients or receptionist as needed. 9. Maintains and stocks supplies and medications and monitors expiration date. Exposes of expired medications according to hospital and/or clinic policy. 10. Responsible for following infection control and safety policies and procedures as are implemented per clinic policy and procedure. 11. Assists physician with minor surgical procedures. 12. Responsible to maintain surgical packs in proper order and keep in stock an adequate number of packs. 13. Responsible for maintaining well stocked and organized exam rooms. 14. Responsible for following Universal Precautions. 15. Responsible for reporting abnormal diagnostic test and vital signs results to physician. 16. Must maintain a good working relationship with receptionist/biller and physician to make the clinic work flow efficiently. 17. Must have the ability to assist patients in a courteous manner at all times. 18. Responsible for completion of pediatric growth chart and immunization. 19. Responsible for maintaining geriatric patient safety and monitoring of geriatric patients vital signs with reporting of abnormal findings to the physician. 20. Orientates new personnel as appropriate. 21. Maintaining Patient Charts with current information according to hospital and/or clinic policy. 22. Must attend all required training offered by the Clinic Director or the Education department. 23. Must review hospital and clinic policy and procedures asking for assistance if there is an area that needs clarification. 24. Must review and have knowledge of procedures in the Safety manual, MSDS manual and Emergency manual. 25. Practices nursing in accordance with established standards with clinic policy and procedures. 26. Supports and adheres to clinic policies and procedures. 27. Treat patients and physician in a courteous manner. 28. Must be dependable, trustworthy, and flexible. 29. Adheres to clinic policy on checking medications with physician’s order prior to administration. 30. Conforms to hospital dress code. 31. Must have the ability to think clearly and make logical decisions in emergency situations. 32. Must have the ability to promote effective written/verbal communication. 33. Must be in good health and demonstrate emotional stability, able to perform tasks involving physical activity and demonstrating proper body mechanics. 34. Assists Clinic Coordinator and/or Clinic Director with monthly chart review, checking for quality assurance.

Position Posted On: 08/19/2020

If interested, contact: lbraden@hmhospital.org; bhamblin@hmhospital.org

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Hamilton Memorial Hospital
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