PRN Radiologic Technologist

Hours Per Pay Period

Department: Radiology


  • Performs technical aspects of radiography that ultimately lead to completed radiographic procedures combined with medical record, history and previous films.
  • Operates basic equipment determining the quality [proper kind] and quantity [how much] of ionizing radiation needed to produce the prescribed radiograph.
  • Administers these medical x-rays on injured and/or sick patients as directed by physicians, and follows accepted procedures and policies.
  • Checks the technical aspects of radiographs to determine the exactness of position and technique, assists the radiologist as needed during fluoroscopy and prepares films/records for interpretation.
  • Teaches student radiographers and provides patient care, supportive to or restorative of life, by applying CPR and/or calling the appropriate physician or nurse as needed.
  • Operates modalities in the Radiology Department in which the technologist has cross-trained and shown a competency.
  • 1. Verbal and written communication skills are necessary to understand instructions, medical terminology and concepts.
  • 2. Communication skills in order to talk with a patient, family, and hospital staff.
  • 3. Manual dexterity and motor coordination to work with patients and equipment.
  • 4. Ability to use proper body mechanics in lifting, pushing, and pulling.
  • 5. Demonstrates the ability to exercise independent judgment in times of need and emergency situations.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS 1. Prepares exam room, equipment, accessories, and materials as needed for various exams. 2. Prepares and administers barium mixtures and other contrast agents for procedures as required, and in conjunction with the patient’s age and size. 3. Prepares patients for examinations, explains procedures, assists patients on and off exam table, positions patients for exam. 4. Performs radiographic examinations as directed and determines the kind and amount of ionizing radiation required - Assist Radiologist as needed during procedures. 5. Responsible for the assessment and care of patients during the procedure, initiating CPR and/or calling for assistance as needed. 6. Shows a proficiency in performing diagnostic radiographic procedures with varying age groups, ranging from the newborn to the geriatric patient. 7. Responsible for practicing radiation protection and quality, while minimizing unnecessary radiation exposure to patients and personnel. 8. Practices sterile and isolation techniques to prevent contamination. 9. Assists department to meet federal and state rules and regulations. Participates in identifying and correcting required changes. 10. Participates in problem solving and continuous quality improvement. 11. Instructs student radiographers in clinical education and monitor student’s performance according to prescribed objectives. 12. Applies proper immobilization devices for children to ensure comfort and safety; lifts or assists patients from wheelchairs and stretchers onto radiographic table. Is responsible for patient safety. 13. Responsible for checking patient’s ID and getting clinical history. Communicates with nurses and physicians as required; assist patients and nurses with proper diet selection prior to x-ray examinations, responsible for directing proper gowning and appropriate dress of patients during the examination. 14. Completely processes images and sends through PACs system to Radiologist for interpretation.. 15. Performs portable diagnostic radiographic procedures as required. 16. Performs surgical diagnostic radiographic procedures as required. 17. Performs mammography according to department policies and procedures. 18. Performs the quality assurance standards according to the department policies and procedures. 19. Performs ultrasound examinations according to department policies and procedures 20. Performs CT scan procedures according to department policies and procedures.

Position Posted On: 02/09/2021

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